One-Stop centre for all

your Arabic learning needs


As-Souq prides herself to be a one-stop centre for all your Arabic learning needs. As-Souq provides courses and resources for different learners from as young as four years old to adults. Learner-centred and interactive, lessons are customised to ensure learning of Arabic, here at As-Souq to be an enjoyable and stress-free journey.

Founded in 2012, As-Souq started as a small online business to provide products such as learning materials and educational toys and DVDs to support the learning of Arabic Language.

In 2013, As-Souq officially launched her very own Arabic Language Courses as part of the mission to be the ‘One-Stop for all your Arabic learning needs’.

As-Souq is founded and managed by a trained language specialist, Mohammad Shahid Bin Noor’ain who has had years of experience studying and teaching Arabic Language.

As-Souq has grown from strength to strength over the years. From being just a Arabic Language course provider to one which caters to the different learning needs such as providing enrichment Arabic Courses for madrasah students, Arabic language and cultural camp for students from schools and mosques, Intepretation workshops for madrasahs and calligrapy courses just to name a few.

Students of As-Souq come from all walks of life and there will always be something which would cater to everyone.