0ee7b0fMohammad Shahid Bin Noor'ain
Founder, As-Souq
Arabic Language Lecturer/Tutor, National University of Singapore
B.A Islamic Jurisprudence, Al-Azhar University, Egypt
Professional Diploma in Legal and UN Translation, American University of Cairo, Egypt

A trained language specialist, Mohammad Shahid Bin Noor’ain who has had years of experience studying and teaching Arabic Language . He spent years living and studying in Egypt at Al-Azhar University, before continuing at American University in Cairo.

Upon graduation, he was engaged as a language specialist to teach Arabic Language from beginners to advanced levels at a few language centres for 5 years. He did translation work of official documents and certificates. Throughout the 5 years, he had considerable experience as an interpreter for overseas Arab delegates engaged by the different ministries in Singapore. He currently conducts lectures for Arabic Language modules at a local university.

With such vast experience and growing love for the Arabic Language, he decided to set up As-Souq to pursue the dream of spreading the beauty of Arabic Language.